Justice Served?

“Yakub Abdul Razak Memon was an Indian terrorist and chartered accountant, who was convicted over his involvement in the 1993 Bombay bombings by Special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities court on 27 July 2007. Yakub Memon was the brother of one of the prime suspects in the bombings, Tiger Memon. His appeals and petitions for clemency were all rejected and he was executed by hanging on […]

Before it all ends…

Remember the feelings you had when you first stepped in college? Remember your first day? Remember the anxiety to find someone whom you could befriend? Remember the feeling when you finally found that someone? Well, now when its time to leave all your memories behind, how are you feeling? Its hardly a month and from […]

If I were a guy…

The inspiration to write this article came when I was being (literally) tortured in a parlour because my dear mother wanted me to look ‘presentable’ on my brother’s wedding (horror, right?) So, here are a few things which would not have happened or would have happened in a different way if I were a guy: […]

The 2 Ss of Dalits of Coimbatore

Aim: To prove that neither the modernization of agriculture nor urbanization and industrialization has led to significant changes in the position of SCs since 1980s. In short, to highlight the Subordination and Subjugation of Dalits in Coimbatore from 1980 onwards. This blog focuses on the conditions of Chakkiliyars (specifically), Pannayadis, Caste Hindus and other backward […]

Oblivious or just beyond caring?

After a heady concoction of Public economics and Development Theory lectures I called it a day. However, while going to the metro station something unusual caught my attention. A blind man was standing on the footpath with a tall, completely fit guy who was in a blue Hawaii shirt (FYI, girls notice a guy’s clothes […]