Before it all ends…

Remember the feelings you had when you first stepped in college? Remember your first day? Remember the anxiety to find someone whom you could befriend? Remember the feeling when you finally found that someone? Well, now when its time to leave all your memories behind, how are you feeling? Its hardly a month and from being ‘undergrads’ you’ll soon be ‘fresh grads’. How is this thought treating you? Worried? Happy? Indifferent?

Most of you are busy stressing about the future but do you realise that its not the future which worries you, it’s the thought of leaving everything you had, everything you did in the past three years behind? I don’t know about you but I am definitely not ready. I want a semester when someone else will finally be appointed as a CR and I’ll just relax and whine about how pathetic the new CR is! Can someone please make this happen?

Final year will soon end. The happiness of attending your farewell will soon be overshadowed by the sadness of not having another semester. No matter how much you pretend you do not care, you will still get sentimental on your last exam. Even the ever gloomy Admin Office and ‘Kal aana’ of Computer people will make you teary. You’ll again want to celebrate getting <10 marks in Rajiv Jha Sir’s tests.

Everything-from sitting idly in classrooms/lawns, masti at Irrfans’, and the never dying hope of seeing the new canteen- is about to end. The journey that you started 3 years ago has now reached its destination. All the birthday celebrations, those never ending awesome fests will soon just be a distant memory that will only fade with time.

But before it all ends, remember that it’s always the end that defines your journey. You might not remember how it all started but you’ll always remember how it all ended. Before bidding your final adieu, do everything you can to make this end and its beginning worth cherishing. Don’t leave college with unfulfilled dreams or ‘What if’s. Be complacent with this end. If it requires you resolving your issues with your foes, do it. Be the better person and let it go (Well, frankly I’ll never do it. I know I am the better person so why to waste energy on a douchebag?). If you think visiting every place on the campus will help you achieve complacency, well you have a lot of time to roam! Who cares about attendance anyway? And if you think confessing to your crush will rid you of those uneasy feelings, well it’s the right time to do that! That person will either say yes or no, big deal (Its just one month anyway) !

It does not matter if your last Crossroads sucked big time or your last semester is turning out to be hell, you have your friends to make everything all right. Don’t miss out on the opportunities of having a great ending. People who have hurt/pissed you, ask them to fuck off (And in case those people are the admin guys/the librarian/anyone from the sports complex, please get your clearance first). And most importantly, let them know that you care and you’ll need them when shit goes down. You might not get a chance again; make the best out of it now.

Don’t whine about how bad your college life has been or how bad you are going to miss it. Just have fun! Click as much photos as you want (and try candid ones, they are more fun) and do the most stupid things you have always or never dreamt of doing and have no regrets! The people whom you care for the most will be there with you always, even when you want to take a pen from a restaurant just because they didn’t return the change.

Just one more month and it all gets over…

Because they care 🙂

PS- In case you cannot help yourself but to stress on the future, always remember: Post Tenebras, Lux (After darkness, light).


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