Despite being a woman

We see political leaders spending millions on PR teams and trying to woo people by pulling off PR stunts and still end up making controversial statements showcasing their true mentality. Reality is never far from the surface, is it?

One such example is our dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi Ji talk admirably and passionately about women empowerment. However, he has almost always addressed us by our relationship with men (mothers, daughters and sisters). So this means that he plans to empower women by destroying our individual identities. Nice! During his campaign for Lok Sabha 2014 elections, he made a statement saying, “ Plant 5 trees when your daughter is born, that way you can fund her wedding with the trees’ produce”. Empowering much? Of course! How stupid can people be to think that the trees’ produce can be used for their education, better upbringing! Girls obviously are born for the sole purpose of getting married and they cannot ever fund their weddings with their own earnings.

But Modi Ji did not stop here. Addressing students at Dhaka University he said, “ The prime minister of Bangladesh, despite being a woman, is openly saying that she has zero tolerance for terrorism”. He surely intended it to be praise worthy but sometimes its really difficult to hide one’s sexist psyche, right?


Dear Modi Ji,

Despite being a woman, I am successful in every field.

Despite being a woman, I am treated as an equal.

Despite being a woman, I am capable of looking after my family financially.

Despite being a woman, I know the art of politics and business.

I might be tortured and oppressed all around the world, but, despite being a woman, I know how to rise after every fall.

Men do all these things with equal ease, why then do you think that it’s shocking when I do it?

I am a woman. I forgive people who hurt me. I let go of issues for others’ happiness. But that does not mean that I am weak or helpless or dependent.

Despite being a woman,

I have earned respect. I have dreamt. I have lived.

Please do not insult my efforts by making such mockingly praise worthy statements. There is no doubt that you are a great leader but ache din cannot come if you keep promoting your demeaning views.


A woman.


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