Justice Served?

“Yakub Abdul Razak Memon was an Indian terrorist and chartered accountant, who was convicted over his involvement in the 1993 Bombay bombings by Special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities court on 27 July 2007. Yakub Memon was the brother of one of the prime suspects in the bombings, Tiger Memon. His appeals and petitions for clemency were all rejected and he was executed by hanging on 30 July 2015 in Nagpur jail.

According to Indian authorities, Memon financially assisted his brother and Dawood Ibrahim in planning and executing the bombings. The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation claims that Memon was arrested at New Delhi railway station in 1994. However, Memon claims that he surrendered to police in Nepal in 1994.

The judges called him the “mastermind” and “driving force” behind the bombings. Memon has consistently claimed innocence.”    – This is what the Internet has to say about Yakub Memon, the person who was hanged till death for the sins that apparently his elder brother had committed.

Almost 2 decades old case was brought to limelight by Memon’s constant clemency petitions and Indian authorities’ unwavering rejection. Some people wanted him hanged while some wanted him to live. What caused such a conflict of interest? What sorcery made people favour a criminal? Negligence did. Negligence of the massacre of over 350 citizens in 13 bomb explosions of 1993 made people support a criminal. Negligence of the silent cries of families destroyed made people sympathise with a remorseful criminal.

To everyone who opposed Memon’s capital punishment, I would like to ask- If Yakub Memon felt so guilty, why didn’t he stop his brother from committing the mass murder in the first place? He says he wasn’t aware of his brother’s deeds but was he also oblivious of the increasing closeness of his brother with them? After the explosions, why did he enjoy all kinds of luxuries in Pakistan?

Newspapers, news channel hosts, Human Rights activists are vehemently opposing Memon’s death penalty saying it is against our Adarsh Liberals; their argument being that a person who has surrendered, who has fully cooperated with the investigating team, a person who left his wife(who was expecting a child at the time) in Karachi just to right his brother’s wrongs, should not be hanged. Their arguments question the conscience and humanitarianism of the laws, but going by that logic Afzal Guru shouldn’t have been hanged either. He might not have surrendered but he sure was cooperative.

Let us for a second believe that Yakub Memon did not deserve a death penalty. The question then arises- did the people who died in 1993 deserved an untimely death? Don’t the families, whose members were slaughtered in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, deserve justice? Of course Yakub Memon’s death won’t bring back their lost happiness but it will at least restore their faith in our judicial system. It is said Kanoon andha hai but it is not insensitive. I don’t know why the courts are being opposed so passionately when all they did was punish a criminal for taking numerous innocent lives.

Correct me if I am wrong, every holy book says that a person will be punished for his deeds. His contrition does not lessen the gravity of his sins. The same applies to Memon as well. He willingly/unwillingly committed a crime and made his Karma. No one knows what exactly happened, his punishment was based on evidences only. So rather than showing dissatisfaction with the judiciary why can’t we, for once, realize that Yakub Memon is dead today because of his silence? If he had reacted at the right time, no one would have been dead today. The victims, the convicts, and him- everyone would have been alive today.

‘Justice served’ is a matter of perspective. Stop following the herd. Think beyond the obvious.


2 thoughts on “Justice Served?

  1. In complete agreement with the death sentence awarded and executed. The reasoning behind the appeals for commutation are illogical to say the least. Let one blow up hundreds of innocent people, run about places, make his wife pregnant, and when running out of options, surrender to the authorities of law and ‘cooperate’ with them, in order to seek clemency. Why are the people not realising that such subterfuge is common place and the man, with the crime he had committed, had reached a point of no return. The only thing misplaced about the execution was that it shouldn’t have taken so long.
    Now, the country should brace itself for more revengeful terror attacks and annihilation of innocent lives, as the government as executed the ‘innocent’ Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon. God save the world.

    1. See, people are never really acquainted with the actual scenario. They make a perception after reading/seeing half truth statements made solely to divert them from the truth. I do not think it is the people who are to be blamed for the unrest Memon’s capital punishment created. None of it would have happened if the media hadn’t chosen a side. Sanity would have prevailed if the media had not decided to project Memon as a victim of India’s ‘flawed’ judiciary.
      The country should not definitely brace itself for some future action. But more than that, it should be prepared to suffer from the after-effects of its biased media.

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