Till Death Do You Apart

One day you’ll get a call

About them being taken to a hospital

You’ll play it off thinking its nothing major

That they are fine. Like always

After all, what can happen to them?

Then you’ll call back

You’ll be told they are no more.

You’ll call up others and ask them if they are all right

You won’t be affected; not in the slightest

After all, they are meant to be with you for forever

And then it will hit you.

That they won’t be there to bug you for everything or anything

That you won’t be able to return the favor

Then you’ll think…


Why didn’t you meet them often?

Why weren’t you more mindful towards them?

Why didn’t you pester each other more?

Why did things have to end without a goodbye?

Maybe, you’ll be glad to not see their lifeless body

Maybe, you’ll be glad you weren’t the one to see life leaving their joyous eyes

But then, like a train wreck, it will hit you

That they are gone

To never come back again

How will you react knowing that they aren’t in the next room or in the next state





Time will make them a distant memory

One that will be bitter sweet

And full of regrets…

Of not doing your best

For leaving them behind

You’ll learn to not think of their death

To not think that they are not with you

Because when you do

You’ll break

You’ll shatter into pieces

And it will be difficult to piece yourself back

Because they are no longer there to pick you up

They won’t see you grow

They won’t see you do anything for that matter

And then you’ll wish…

You’d have made a continuous effort

Till death do you apart



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